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The Max Life

How do you create the life you want? 

This is a tough question that we all ask ourselves sometime or another.

My name is Greg – and as a single dad – I knew I wanted my son, Maxwell, to feel loved, to be happy and for him to find a direction that would fulfill his own dreams and make an impact in this world.

I’m not sure what that will be because at Pre-K graduation he wanted to be a judge and today he wants to pitch for the Cubs.  I totally know how he feels because throughout my life I’ve struggled to pinpoint how to create the life I want for myself.  But I knew if I wanted it to be possible for him, then I had to make it happen for me.

I decided to change directions and do something different!

I took a risk to break through the barriers of fear, rejection and failure.  I was willing to take a chance – even fail – to build the life I want and be that example for my son.  I created “The Max Life” concept which led me to my passion, designing a clothing brand that symbolizes that idea.  My hope is to inspire and encourage others to create the life they want also.

What is “The Max Life” .....?

“It is finding a direction in life that drives you to live inside your passion!"

The direction is fluid.  It changes as you change – not like a specific destination or outcome – but more the personal connection to oneself.  Becoming so self-aware that you will know how you feel, but more importantly, why you actually feel that way.  That kind of self-awareness will determine your actions.  There is power and joy in that direction.

Your “Max Life” won’t take you where you think you want to go; it will take you where you were meant to go.

When living inside of your dreams and passions, your fire will be so bright – it will be impossible to put out.  Be present in that moment and be happy right there.  Truly enjoy who you are!

I’m definitely a dreamer, but I’m also a realist.  It is how we handle all the challenges life throws at us that determine how successful and how happy we will be.

Sweat and hard work will always be one of your greatest accomplishments…get sweaty! Watch your hard work take form and become something you didn’t even see coming.

Challenge yourself and be determined to learn and grow.  Act on the things in your gut and in your heart because that’s where “The Max Life” is - it’s inside of you.  It’s yours if you want it!

“Don’t just be a pebble that makes ripples, be a Rock that creates Waves!”